Nationwide call to action!

Join the demonstrative Dam-sleeping-action on July 7th, from 21.00 until ...?
Squatting outlawed? Renting impossible?Show Dekker & Co. the consequences of their policies and spend the night in the streets!

Because of housing Minister Dekker's and the rest of the government's anti-social plans, many people in the Netherlands are in danger of becoming homeless. On Friday, July 7th we want to show Dekker and Dutch society the expected outcome of these policies.
We are calling on everyone who is threatened, directly or indirectly, by the government's impending ban on squatting and its anti-social attacks on rent control, to come and spend the night together in Dam Square in Amsterdam.

As well as displaying the many cardboard boxes, sleeping bags and tents which will appear in the streets after these government plans have been imposed, we also want to show society what positive things will be lost because of this attack on our social structures. That's why we are also calling on everyone to use this night to show what else goes on besides sleeping in all of those flats, attic rooms, halls, storage spaces and factory buildings.

Are you an artist? Do you work in a Volkskeuken (cost price restaurant)? Are you in a band? Do you run a free radio station? Do you dance, or do acrobatics? Do you run a cinema? Write books? Bring it along to Dam Square and show everyone what you're up to! Apart from a few things like a press group, a legal team and street medics, we will not plan the action's programme. All too often we passively perform a demonstration-ritual through the city, after which everyone goes home quietly. This time it is our collective responsibility to use our own inventiveness, our creativity and our solidarity to make this night a success.

If you want to contribute please send us an e-mail at, we will put it up on the website as an inspiration to others.

We have decided not to apply for a city council permit for this demonstrative action. This is an action fuelled by the spontaneity and creativity of its participants, and we don't feel like allowing ourselves to be limited by the rules and regulations of those bureaucrats at City Hall. Since Dam Square was "cleansed" by marines in 1970 it has been illegal to sleep in the square, so please come with lots of people in order to make it as difficult as possible for the council to stop this action.

See you in Dam Square, bring all of your friends, housemates, neighbours, grandparents etc. etc. etc.!!!!

Dam Sleepers Comittee 2006.